Sage Meadows

River Roads"River Roads"

The newest CD, titled “River Roads,” features 13 original songs composed by Meadows and brought to life with High Country’s signature blend of electric country twang and meticulously thoughtful arrangements.

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The album title refers to the Salmon and Scott rivers in Northern California. Meadows’s family comes from that isolated river roads country and much of her writing reflects its influence on her life. The cover art on the record features an embroidered image of the two rivers done by her mother, Trudy Meadows.

Throughout the record, Meadows’s strong singing voice is paired in close harmony with that of her husband, guitarist David Hampton. Hampton’s telecaster guitar weaves in between and plays off of High Country’s matched set of steel guitarists, Bob Evoniuk on lap-steel and Aaron Alkire on pedal-steel. Meadows leads the band instrumentally with her fine acoustic guitar playing, while upright bassist Jeff Addicott and drummer Kyle Coroneos round out the rhythm section.

The record somehow manages to capture the spontaneity and exuberance of High Country’s live shows while simultaneously highlighting the precise creative force of Meadows’s songwriting.

-Jef Fretwell, Medford Mail Tribune